ANIDGALA is a concept to host a VIP/EXOTIC gathering celebrating Culture And Heritage combined with: Live Band Performances-Comedy-Stage Plays-Motivational Speakers-Awards Creating Opportunity for Networking & Re-unite with Friends Abroad, And most importantly showcasing Talents to the World.

​All Nigerian in Diaspora ANID is an umbrella body of all Nigerian in Diaspora facilitated by the Federal Government of Nigeria with the AIM of promoting unity among all Nigerians across the seven continent of the world.

OUR GOAL is to highlight the potential of ALL Nigerian in Diaspora as a source of economic and social development, facilitating their involvement as a community in the countries they reside, in areas of businesses, socio-cultural, and economic sectors as a unified Group. .

ANID will showcase the positive diverse side of Nigerians in diaspora, shedding positive light on our achievements and more.

THE MANDATE of ANID is to pursue National development through Advocacy, Networking, Partnerships, and Bilateral cooperation.

​ANID AWARDS will be based on MERIT.

The show ANID GALA will also be transmitted worldwide on partner stations and content platform.