If you need medical attention due to a sickness or injury during your studies, there is no need to worry, as Northern Cyprus is well equipped with three state hospitals and numerous private hospitals and clinics.

Every student has a health insurance that cover their medical charges (except dentistry, plastic surgery and unknown serious health issue) in the state hospitals, and the insurance fee is included in their university’s fees. With this health insurance, students can get routine check-ups or visit emergency room in the public hospitals and Clinic’s, and they could also have surgeries done for free at these institutions.

In state and private hospitals, English is widely spoken and all staff is fully trained in their line of work. The private hospitals generally have the same facilities as the state hospitals but the patients can stay in private room with en-suite bathrooms. The cost of private health care is affordable and the treatment is excellent.

For minor problems, health centers at university campuses and the local pharmacies (locally known as Eczane) can deal with most complaints and can dispense most medication over the counter.