Students could find part time jobs while studying such as in bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, or even in their universities. After they graduate, they could find full-time jobs in Hotels, Banks, international companies if they have a good knowledge of Turkish and English. Minimum Wage in Cyprus is 2,020 Turkish Lira , equivalent to 540 USD as at today exchange rate. There is no restriction as long you are a registered student in North Cyprus, you can work anywhere, get your own ride and enjoy your life while schooling.

Cyprus is currently in need of more lawyers, real estate experts and agents, marketers and business investors. The recent discovery of petrol and oil in the coastline of the island has spurred the need for more working hands as well. The economy still runs on a free market structure and there is a need of a more delineated structure between private and government sectors. Therefore, it seems like more and more international graduates will be looking to stay and work in Cyprus after they complete their studies.

Is It True there is No Jobs in Cyprus ?

NO, its not. There is Jobs and very easy to find in North Cyprus, if and only if you meet up with the requirements.

  • No company is going to employ someone with no experience for a white collar Job.
  • You need to learn at least basic Turkish Language.
  • Don’t expect much if you can give much.